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Guangdong shanwei chuang co., LTD., established in micro financial services center2015Years9Month,The company has a staff76People,In facility sea venture、Lufeng、Shenzhen Lu He county and its surrounding、Meizhou city set up branch,In shanwei city has two stores,In the province of qingyuan、Zhanjiang and outside the province of guangxi guilin branch is under preparation。

Company has affiliated enterprise of guangdong chuang car rental service co., LTD、Shanwei cities fit auto trade co., LTD、Shanwei cities fit business hotel co., LTD、Shanwei cities yo-yo children's amusement park, etc,Strong,Network resources。

Company focused on development loans customers through multiple channels,The borrowing to help every customer as our mission。Since its establishment,By selecting high quality customers,Help thousands of customers from Shanghai pudong development bank、Societe generale、Harbin bank and Shanghai jia silver“You and me”、Calder manley、Dot net、Everlast、The appropriate letter、The Dallas mavericks and small loan company get money to help more than one hundred million yuan。The company in the near future with Yi Xin financial、Huitong financing lease and other auto financing companies,Push forward the automobile to rent act as purchasing agency、ODown car、Mortgage financing、Mortgage loans, etc。With the Banks、The financial channels of cooperation of the company,As well as to the local resources、Familiar with network,At present,The company has good customer source advantage,Screening of former loan customers、Screening、The investigation,In the credit risk control,Post-loan management、Collection has accumulated rich experience。The company is the largest financial intermediary company in shanwei cities,The good reputation,High reputation!Shanwei cities one-stop financial services platform。

The company won the north silver consumptionVCMProject and Shanghai jia silver“You and me”、Shanghai Yi Xin financing lease、Huitong leasing company authorized cooperation brand。

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17.7All brand new concept of the public way,A down payment2All left…

17.7All brand new concept of the public way,A down payment2All left!

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Fit to launch new business!There is“Car insurance”Just…

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Drop in6Wan,The modern line 813.99All left,…

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